The new version of HubSpot LINE Integration is now available! 🎉

We are proud to announce that the new version of HubSpot LINE integration is now live. There are lots of exciting new improvements. Let me introduce those to you!

Infrastructure Improvements

Since the initial launch of the service in January this year, our integration provides you the capability to communicate your customers via LINE in HubSpot. As a result, currently, roughly 20,000 LINE contacts are stored in our database. 

While we are an honor of it, I am nervous about our infrastructure from security, infrastructure, reliability, performance perspective. That's why we decided to use Google's PaaS that extremely good in it. Now, we are very confident in our infrastructure to provide stable service to you.

From the usability perspective, we had completely rewrite the interface with React. I hope you like this new beautiful dashboard!

Connecting multiple LINE official accounts

This is one of the frequent feature requests from customers. Now, you can connect multiple LINE accounts in one HubSpot portal! Please click the "CONNECT A NEW LINE ACCOUNT" button on the dashboard if you want to add a new one.

Multiple LINE accounts in Workflow

Now, you can specify the target LINE account in the action of the workflow tool. This is more straightforward compared to the previous version as we needed to select a LINE ID property before.


Multiple LINE accounts in Chat

Also, you can switch the LINE account in the Chat window in a contact.

The conversation histories are stored in the timeline with the specific LINE account name and the user.


Sending / Receiving Photos & Files

This is also the one to top feature requests from customers. Now, you can send/receive photos and files in the chat window.

Sending a photo

Please click the "photo" icon in the bottom bar. The window will be opened for selecting the file on your PC.

Receiving a photo

A LINE user can send a photo from their mobile app. The photo automatically appears in the chat window when a user sent it.

Sending a file

Not only photos but also you can send/receive a file in the chat window. Please click the "file" icon in the bottom bar if you want.

As a result!

This is the screenshot in the LINE mobile app. I believe this is the things our customers want to realize! 🙌

+ one more bonus!

We renewed the Emoji picker to more sophisticated one. Now you can choose your favorite Emoji from the complete set of Emojis.


We really appreciate our customers who use our integration. We promise we will add more functionalities to help your business grow better with LINE. Our current scope is developing a mobile app of LINE integration because many customers want to reply to a message on their mobile phone. Stay tuned!


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