HubSpot LINE OA Integration

Integrate LINE Official Accounts with HubSpot


The LINE messaging app has over 165 million monthly active users around the world and is especially popular in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Deliver your communications via the messaging platform your customers in these markets actively use every day.



1. LINE ID Integration

We will issue URLs and QR codes to integrate with your LINE official accounts. When a LINE user was integrated via these URLs, the corresponding HubSpot contact will be automatically synced, so there is no need for special system development by yourself.

2. Segment and push LINE messages

By segmenting targets properly with attributes and activities of contacts, you can deliver more effective LINE messages than ever. The integration supports not only Text message but also various styles of messages like Sticker, Image, Video, Template, etc.



3. One to One Communication

You can conduct One to One chat with LINE users in the HubSpot contact page. The conversation histories will be recorded in the contact timeline. Therefore, you can manage all of the customer interactions in one place.

* Currently, you cannot have a chat on mobile devices. We are building apps now. Stay tuned!


Chat support by Slack

Once you purchased the subscription, we will invite you to our Slack workspace for supporting your integration.





- Up to 10,000 LINE friends
- Up to 2 LINE Official accounts


- Up to 60,000 LINE friends
- Up to 10 LINE Official accounts


- Up to 500,000 LINE friends
- Up to 50 LINE Official accounts
* Required an onboarding service for a fee of $250 apart from the above.
* Cancel anytime with no obligation.
* If you can pay for the fee of one year at a time, we will offer a 10% discount.

14 Days Free Trial

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