LINE Official Account meets Marketing Automation


HubSpot LINE OA is a software service specializing in utilizing LINE official accounts on HubSpot. It works seamlessly with HubSpot's marketing, sales, and customer service features to deliver communication on the platform your customers use every day.



CRM for LINE friends

You can manage LINE friends of your LINE Official Accounts in HubSpot CRM.

Thanks to contact properties or past activities like page view, you can execute more personalized LINE marketing campaigns.

LINE Messaging

You can send messages to your LINE friends from the HubSpot workflow tool. By designing scenarios according to your friends, you can achieve more efficient communication.

The supported formats are various not only text but also image, video, survey, and more.



Smart Rich Menu

Rich menus can be switched according to LINE friend properties or past activity history.

Programmable Chatbot

You can create a chatbot that automatically responds to your LINE friends' messages.

Also, by embedding a script that works with an external system, you can provide various services on LINE such as reservation reception or order confirmation.



1:1 chat

You can have a 1:1 chat in a contact record in HubSpot. The supported formats are text, emoji, sticker, image, file, and more.

Please use this for sales or customer support in your business.

Mobile chat app

We provide a mobile chat app so that you can respond to a message from LINE friends quickly even when you are away from the office.




Analytics Report

You can analyze the transition of the number of friends in your LINE official accounts, the delivery messages, and the contents of chats at the dashboard.

All data can be exported as a CSV file.

Traffic Analytics

You can issue a special QR code (and URL) to gather traffic sources of LINE friends.

This will be helpful to analyze the result of your promotion effort or providing more personalized communications.

* Professional plan and above only





- Up to 10,000 LINE friends
- Up to 1 LINE Official accounts



- Up to 60,000 LINE friends
- Up to 5 LINE Official accounts
- Customer Success Manager



- Up to 500,000 LINE friends
- Up to 50 LINE Official accounts
- Customer Success Manager
- Dedicated Slack channel

* Includes required, one-time service Onboarding for a fee of $250. Learn more. 

* The above prices do not include HubSpot license and LINE Official Account costs.
* Cancel anytime with no obligation.
* If you can pay for the fee of one year at a time, we will offer a 10% discount.


You can contact our customer support via email or a chat on the management console.

In addition, your customer success manager provides support for your implementation and operation with a web meeting.

Finally, Enterprise customers can get special support on their dedicated Slack channel.


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