Product update for February 2024

Product Update

We are pleased to announce the major functional updates to LITTLE HELP CONNECT (HubSpot LINE integration), released in February 2024.

Improved AI chat functionality
AI can now answer based on PDF files uploaded to LITTLE HELP CONNECT’s database. PDF files are uploaded from the “Documents” menu under “Data Sources”. The content of the uploaded PDF file is analyzed by OCR and converted into a format (vector) that is easy for AI to understand. This allows AI to provide relevant answers to questions with higher accuracy than before.

You can select uploaded documents in the “Data Source” setting of the “AI Auto-Responder” action of the chat flow.

We also used Open AI’s “Function Calling” mechanism to allow the AI to decide whether to refer to the database. This allows for more natural conversations than in previous versions.

Inbox conversations can now be searched by contact property value
Multiple target and exclude lists for the rich menu can now be set. It is possible to personalize the rich menu with more complex criteria. Properties” has been added to the Inbox filter. This filter allows you to search conversations by any contact property value.

Inbox Performance Tuning
For the past several months, system performance has been deteriorating day by day, causing inconvenience to many of our customers. This time, the name search filter in the Inbox, which was the cause of the system load, was modified (the full-text search engine “Lucene” was introduced), and the situation has been improving since then.


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