Product Update: Apr 17, 2022

When using JSON code in a broadcast message, a preview of the message content is now displayed.

Why does it matter?
If you want to deliver a message in a format not supported by the default, you need to write the JSON code. However, until now, it has been inconvenient to know what kind of message the JSON code delivers.

How does it work?
When JSON code is written on the broadcast setting page, the message content is previewed in real-time.


The results screen also now displays a preview of the message delivered in JSON code.


Note that the preview may differ from the actual message delivered. When setting up, please make sure that the JSON code is working as expected by delivering the message to the actual device.

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Shinobu Kawano

Product Manager. After working as an engineer at Sencha, Inc. and HubSpot, Inc., he founded Little Help Agency LLC in 2019. His favorite programming language is Scratch.