🤖 April Update | ChatGPT Integration

We are pleased to announce the major feature updates of LITTLE HELP CONNECT (HubSpot LINE integration), released in April 2023.

ChatGPT Integration
It works with "ChatGPT," a natural language processing AI provided by OpenAI, and can automatically respond to user messages. By specifying the data source, companies can build their own AI chatbots.


The "AI auto-response" action in the chatflow specifies the AI's role (prompt), data source, and the name and avatar image of the AI chatbot to display when responding. AI can also connect to a human operator if the AI cannot resolve the issue.

Currently, the only available data source is Google Custom Search (website), but we plan to add various data sources, such as custom databases.

New card type message "Buttons"
A new card type "button" has been added to Card Type Messages. You can easily create a message that prompts the user to make a choice.


Card duplication for card-type messages
Cards can now be duplicated using the "Duplicate Card" button at the top of the card setup. Up to 10 cards can be placed.

New rich message template
Added a 6-division template for rich messages: 6 actions can be set. Also, the same action can be set in one area to divide the message into five parts, etc.


Add "Carousel" layout for Chatflows
The template message "Carousel" is now available in the "Ask question" action.


Multiple list settings in the Smart Rich menu
Multiple targets and exclude lists for the rich menu can now be set. It is possible to personalize the Rich Menu with more complex criteria.


■Partner Program Announcement
We seek partners to help us sell and support LITTLE HELP CONNECT customers. Please refer to the following page for details.


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