Product Update: August 1, 2022

1. Rich video messages can now be easily set up and delivered.
2. Display speed of rich message images has been improved.
3. Multiple accounts can now be set to own chat templates.

Why does it matter?
1. Until now, delivering rich video messages required uploading video files and preview images to external storage, then copying and setting up the generated JSON code.
2. Rich message images were resized during delivery, so it sometimes took a long time to display images.
3. Previously, chat templates could not be shared by multiple accounts.

How does it work?

1. Simply upload the video file from the "Marketing" "Rich Video Messages" menu and the setup is generally complete (preview image is automatically generated from the first frame of the video).

After uploading the video, set up alternative text and action buttons as needed.


The rich video message you set can be selected on the delivery screen.


As with other formats, delivery performance (reach, open, and click rates) will also be tabulated.


Video files uploaded to LITTLE HELP CONNECT are limited to 30 MB in size. If you wish to use a video file larger than 30 MB, please upload the video file to your own storage space and set a URL to access the file.


2. Rich message images required when saving rich messages are automatically generated. Therefore, no extra load is incurred during message delivery.


3. Multiple accounts can now be set on the chat template edit screen. You can select the appropriate template for each account you have set up on the chat screen.


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