🍫 February Update | A/B testing of message broadcast is now available

We are pleased to announce the major functional updates to LITTLE HELP CONNECT (HubSpot LINE integration), released in February 2023.

A/B testing feature for message broadcast
A/B testing of message broadcast is now available. You can create different patterns of messages from the "Create A/B Test" button to send two messages, A/B.


After the broadcast, you can see which A/B pattern results in superior results. You can replicate the better-performing broadcast and optimize it into a compelling message by repeating the A/B test.


Creating a HubSpot contact list from your recipient list
You can now create a HubSpot contact list based on the recipients of your delivered messages. This list can be used for reporting in HubSpot, linking to campaigns, and future segmentation.


Enhanced message broadcast list functionality
You can now edit the columns displayed in the message broadcast list. The number of opens and clicks can be compared and sorted, making it easier to analyze delivery results.


New API Release
An API to retrieve broadcast results for each recipient is now available. Advanced analysis of message delivery is possible by syncing with your external databases.


Change the sender name of SMS messages when sent

The sender name can now be specified in a workflow's "Send SMS message" action. This makes it possible to change the sender name of SMS messages on a per-sending basis.


■Notice of Acquisition of the Privacy Mark
Little Help Agency, LLC has obtained the Privacy Mark (P Mark) certification from the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC). As a Privacy Mark-certified business, we will maintain and strengthen our system for strictly handling personal information.

Little Help Agency, LLC Obtains "Privacy Mark (P-Mark)

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