Product Update: July 25, 2022

1. SMS (short message) massive delivery is now supported.
2. Renewed data synchronization system to support large volumes of data synchronization with HubSpot.
3. Added a list of LINE message delivery errors.

Why does it matter?
1. There were technical problems (*) that limited the number of contacts to whom SMS (short messages) could be sent simultaneously.
2. Due to a technical problem (*), many data changes in HubSpot could not be synchronized.
3. Until now, when an error occurred in the delivery of a LINE message, we could not confirm the cause's details.

* HubSpot API concurrency limits, excessive Webhook requests, etc.

How does it work?

1. You can now add contacts to the "Send SMS message" action in the workflow without worrying about the previous limitations. Please check the action log to see if they have been added to the delivery queue.


Actual delivery results can be viewed on the Twilio dashboard after being added to the queue.


2. Data synchronization is not performed in real-time, but is added to a queue and processed sequentially in batches. This allows the synchronization of large amounts of data without problems.

In some cases, a time lag of 1 to 2 minutes may occur in synchronization due to the batch processing that used to be performed in real-time.

3. You can check the list of deliveries that resulted in an error from the "Errors" section of the LINE Message Delivery results page.


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