Product Update: June 12, 2022

1. Location information can now be received (PC and mobile).
2. Friends can now be marked as spam.
3. Chatflows can now be triggered by the completion of video viewing or receiving a beacon.

Why does it matter?
1. When location information was received, the information was not displayed in the chat history.
2. It was difficult to ignore messages from unsolicited friends.
3. Support for video viewing completion and beacon reception will broaden the use of Chatflows.

How does it work?

1. When location information is received, a map and address are displayed in the chat history, and a marker is placed at the corresponding location.


2. You can mark friends as spam by selecting "Mark as Spam" from the "Other" menu in the Inbox. Friends marked as spam will not appear in your inbox unless you explicitly search for them. Also, various notifications (e.g., task creation, mobile app push notifications, inbox notification tones, etc.) are not performed.


To remove the spam mark, go to "Unmark Spam" in the "Other" menu in the Inbox.

3. Select "Video Play Complete" and "Beacon" in "Trigger" of the Chatflow, and specify the target "Tracking ID" and "Hardware ID".


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