Product Update: June 26, 2022

1. LINE notification messages (sending LINE messages by phone number) are now supported.
2. The date can now be set in the "Set property value" action in the chat flow.
3. The flow of connection settings for LINE OA is improved.

Why does it matter?
1. LINE Notification Message is a service that allows users to send LINE messages to users who are not LINE friends using their phone numbers. This is an effective way to notify important messages and increase LINE friends, but Little Help has not supported this service until now.
2. Previously, it was not possible to set date values with the "Set property value" action.
3. It was difficult to understand how to set up the connection, causing stress for users new to Little Help.

How does it work?

1. Select the "Send LINE Notification Message" action in the workflow.


The phone number must have a country code added. If you have not added the country code, specify "Convert Country Code". The first 0 of the phone number will be automatically converted to the country code.

Messages can be written directly in actions, but we recommend using Little Help templates for delivery. You can count the number of messages delivered, reached, opened, and clicked by date.


An additional contract with LINE corp is required to send LINE notification messages. Please contact us if you wish to use this service.

2. Select the date property in the "Set property value" action in the chat flow. You can set either "Static date" or "Date of Step".


3. Now, the initial setup of the connection can be done in a wizard format. It is easier to understand because the work to be done at each step is clear than before.



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