🌸 March Update | Group chats is now supported

We are pleased to announce the major functional updates to LITTLE HELP CONNECT (HubSpot LINE integration), released in March 2023.

Support for Group Chats
Group chats is now available in the LITTLE HELP CONNECT inbox. The group chats allows communication with multiple users.

When invited to a group, the group will appear in your Inbox list. You can see the group's chat history on the chat page, and any message you send will be delivered to everyone.


To participate in a group chat, the user must invite you to join the group; due to LINE official account specifications, creating a group and inviting users from here is impossible (see "Do you support group chats?").

You must also set "Group and multi-person chats" to "Allow account to join groups and multi-person chats" in the account settings of your official LINE account.


Display of 1:1 messages only
The chat history shows all messages, including auto-responders and simultaneous messages. This has caused a problem because unrelated messages are displayed during one-on-one chats, confusing the conversation. Only individual messages will be displayed by checking the "Show only 1:1 chat" checkbox.


Inbox specification changes
Changed the specification so the user is displayed in the Inbox only when receiving a 1:1 message. If you want to display the user even when auto-responding, please turn on the "Update Last Reply property and Unanswered flag."


Tag management page
A new management page for tags used in the inbox has been added. Tags can be created, edited, and deleted. To access the management screen, click "Tags" under "Communication" in the menu.


Allow tokens to specify date format
When using date properties in tokens, you can now specify the format of the date to be displayed. To display a date in the format of "XXXX year XX month XX," use "formatDate internal name "YYYY year M month D."



■Case Study Article
MarkeZine covered the LITTLE HELP CONNECT case study (HubSpot LINE integration). One of the world's largest human resource service companies uses LITTLE HELP CONNECT.

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