Product Update: May 8, 2022

The new feature "Chatflow" has been released! 🎉 Everyone can easily build chatbots with the graphical user interface editor.

Why does it matter?
Until now, building a chatbot required a combination of auto-responder scripts and specialized knowledge. Many customers had difficulty maintaining them.

How does it work?
Build a chatbot by connecting triggers and actions.


Drag and drop actions from the left sidebar onto the canvas. Then connect the actions to each other using the handles on either side of the action.

Finally, click on Actions to set the behavior details.


It's easy, isn't it? We currently support the following triggers and actions

- Add friend
- Unfollow
- Receive message
- Send message
- Ask question
- If/then branch
- Update rich menu
- Enroll in workflow
- Run code

Triggers and actions will be added from time to time. We hope you will make use of them.

About Author

Shinobu Kawano

Product Manager. After working as an engineer at Sencha, Inc. and HubSpot, Inc., he founded Little Help Agency LLC in 2019. His favorite programming language is Scratch.